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Your Personal Design Service

We are offering a FREE Personal Design Service offers the expertise of our designers remotely from their homes.  You may have some ideas already, so to help you and the designers get a feel for your thoughts please complete the form below, our designers will then set up a web conference or call to talk you through your new design as though you were in your home..

1. Firstly measure your room

We just need some basic measurements of the room the length and width and the location of doors, windows

Kitchen Plan.png

It would be great if you had any photos or a plan, you can send them through using the email address below.  Please take a look through our list to get an idea of your thoughts or call us on 01273 746510 and we can discuss with you directly. Or fill in the questions below to help us clarify your thoughts on the areas to think about : -.

2. Select your preferred ideas


What sort of layouts would you be looking, for these are the usual designs

Kitchen Designs.jpg

Next think about your colours you like


Then lastly think about the door style and finish

3. Get in touch and let us do the rest
What colour would you prefer?
What style do you prefer?
What finish do you prefer?
What type of door do you like?

We will be in contact soon

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