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  New Bedrooms  


Designed, Installed and Project Managed By The Cabinet Door Shop from start to finish.

Getting yourself a new bedroom wardrobe allows you to organise yourself like never before. Using all the space available to you, we believe we can achieve this.  Designing with all of your needs in mind, so you can organise yourself perfectly.

So we can help you solve any problem and give you exactly what you require at a surprisingly low cost.

  The Process  

The initial meeting  

You will meet one of our experienced designers at your home for a free, no obligation meeting who will talk to you about your requirements for your bedroom and discuss the various products or services that will suit your needs for your bedroom.  Or you can always pop into the studio in Hove and can also run through your requirements and the products and services we offer.   The main reason for this level of service is that it will give you a sense of our design capabilities as well as an idea of our extensive line of products and services we can supply.  The designer will then measure the space, and work with you to help determine the appropriate materials and architectural details to complete your project. If you are building a new home, we can meet with the architect as well as importing the CAD drawings into our our computer system so we can show you how your bedroom will look.

  Design presentation  

After the initial meeting, your designer will take the elements previously discussed and incorporate them into a complete CAD design. During the Design Presentation your designer will present you with a preliminary set of drawings and a rough idea of what the overall project will cost based on the initial meeting.  

  Detail refinement  

Naturally, the final decision is yours and you may decide to upgrade your initial design, naturally our designer will assist you in this and can take you through the myriad of cabinets, internals, hardware, and moulding choices available to you. At this point all of the design elements you have chosen to refine within your project will allow us to complete a final design and costing.

  Payment schedule  

Once the final design is agreed, materials selected, payment terms agreed and an installation date confirmed, you will be in a position to sign your purchase contract. In most cases our terms are 30% with order, 60% of the balance 7 days before delivery and the remaining 10% on completion of the project to your complete satisfaction.  

  Ordering your materials  

Upon receipt of the deposit your designer will order your products and materials. Your designer also relays all pertinent specifications to the installation team to ensure a timely and accurate project progression.

  Design & installation  

If we are installing the bedroom the complete installation will be managed by the installation team, throughout this process your designer is in constant communication with the installation team to ensure a smooth and professional completion of your project.

  Post installation checks  

Once your installation is completed a member of the inspection team will arrange a final inspection to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the installation and any associated works that have been carried out.

  The installation team  

Our team of installers we proudly call "the best." Many of our bespoke designs can be complex. We have therefore chosen experienced craftsmen who approach intricate mouldings and speciality cabinetry with the skill and finesse of artists meaning that every aspect of your project will be handled with experienced care professionals.

Fitted Cabinets

Simple and versatile bedroom furniture that fits well with the earthy colours to complement the Scandinavian style.

Gliding Doors

Large sliding doors neatly hide away all of those essential items, providing a clutter free bedroom.

10 Glide Silver Mirror Divided door Anth
Painted Bedrooms

Modern fitted furniture to deliver contemporary European design style.  Using the same colour can be used for every piece of furniture.

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