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Latest Kitchen Ranges

Purchasing a new kitchen is a significant investment, and the decision should be based on a combination of practical, functional, and aesthetic reasons. But overall you need to have your new kitchen have the WOW factor.  Looking at the ranges below and see which would suit you

When considering a new kitchen purchase, it's important to assess your budget, long-term goals, and the specific needs of your household. A well-planned and executed kitchen renovation can add significant value to your home and enhance your quality of life. When you work with The Cabinet Door Shop we are experienced professionals, offering free kitchen design and experienced fitters, to ensure that your new kitchen meets your expectations and serves you well for years to come.

Lucente gloss or matt door

Conjuring up the Italian styling with an elegant J-pull door design creates today's most popular sleek 'no handles' look. It's practical too, because the deep, wide J-groove is friendly to fingers of all sizes. This is a kitchen door built to last, made from solid 22mm MDF with a factory-applied paint and lacquer finish painted in the heart of Italy, thus ensuring years of problem-free service with no danger of delamination.

Choose from 6 matt or gloss standard colours from stock plus our paint to order service. Add a wide range of accessories, such as glazed and curved doors, and you've got the freedom to create your dream kitchen.

Lucente Matt White Main.jpg

Newmarket Shaker 

Newmarket is a new generation of shaker door with its narrower frame creating a more contemporary aesthetic. Constructed from 20mm solid ash with natural wood grain visible through the modern painted colours offered, Newmarket is available in 4 stocked colours or through our Paint to Order service.

Newmarket offers a depth in both modern and traditional accessories to complement your desired design aesthetic.

Vivo + gloss and matt doors

Vivo doors are a great ;looking painted slab door which creates a beautiful modern and simplistic look with easy clean properties which can be personalised through a wide ranging handle choice.

Vivo Matt_Dust Grey and Anthracite_Main_RGB_WEB.jpg

Grantham Shaker 

The Grantham range is an exciting, eclectic mix of materials and design. Manufactured from true timber, with a narrow contemporary frame width and an integrated handle, Offering traditional shaker design with a contemporary handle.  Available in our 28 paint to order colours or bespoke colour match service.

Linear doors

The Linear range offers a value door allowing textures for a full kitchen or distinct zones.  Offering a great range of possibilities with the modern Scandi or Japandi look our customers are looking for.  The Oak options offer a great looking kitchen a great price..  

Ascot_Light Grey_Dust Grey_PTO_Main_web.jpg

Ascot Shaker

Ascot is our range that redefines the look of shaker kitchens. With a 60mm narrow frame in a  one piece door, creates a more contemporary minimalist feel.  Made from solid 18mm MDF offers easy maintenance by virtue of it’s shallow centre panel and one piece construction, Ascot is available in both primed and paint to order service with a matt finish.

Oxford Shaker

Oxford reinvigorates the shaker door style, with a more contemporary narrower frame design and tactile smooth painted matt finishes for a stunning kitchen.

Oxford Ivory Main.jpg
Cambridge_Dust Grey_Main.jpg

Cambridge Shaker

The Cambridge shaker timber door provides natural beauty in the kitchen with V grooves and visible timber grain.

The vast array of designer accessories allows you to create a truly unique kitchen with a classic yet modern feel.

Stratto Shaker

Create a new aesthetic in the kitchen by pairing a narrow frame shaker door in Stratto.  Smooth painted for a very modern yet traditional look for your kitchen.   


Cartmel Shaker

Our kitchens in the Cartmel range offer the aesthetic of a timber door with a visible grain detailing. Coupled with the traditional V groove gives the 5 piece shaker look with out any issues. Create a unique kitchen with our hand-painted service.

Windsor Shaker

Create a stunning classic kitchen with our Windsor door. This shaker timber door has internal beading around the frame for extra detail and visible timber grain.

Combine with accessories such as T&G end panels, floor columns, plate racks and mantels for an ultimate traditional kitchen look.

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