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Replacing Cabinet  Doors

Get an easy quick 'new kitchen' look with a cabinet door replacement.   The continual use you put your kitchen through takes its toll on your cabinet doors.  The continual opening and closing, cleaning, heat from ovens and steam from kettles and dishwashers put your cabinet doors through the mill.  

A simple cost effective way of of improving the look of your tired and worn kitchen is to replace the kitchen doors.  If you are happy with the layout of your kitchen and the cabinets are in pretty good condition, replacing the cabinet doors will revive your kitchen brilliantly and give you marked improvement in your kitchen without costing you a full replacement kitchen.  The doors we supply can be made to the size you need, there are no real standard sizes in kitchen doors.  Our made to measure doors are all made to the same quality and have the 6 year manufacturing defect guarantee.

Thinking and researching about the styles and colours you would like you new kitchen doors to have.  As replacing your doors also allows you to completely change the style of kitchen, modernise it with flat doors or use our handles-less doors.  This saves you money on not having to buy  a handle for the door and your time by not having to choose one out of the 4000 available!   Or get yourself a more traditional look with one of our shaker type doors, a great range of panelled doors to choose from.  The next aspect you change is the colour and finish of the doors.  There are now a great deal to choose from, the greys and browns to match with your decor, the moody blues and greens which are becoming more popular along with the always classic whites and ivory.  We are certain there will be a colour you are sure to find the one that you want.  Then there is the finish, the high gloss finish gives the doors a great modern fresh look or the matt or super matt finish to give you the modern English cottage finish.  You get to choose the look you want without the expense of a whole new kitchen.  Changing just the doors gives you the a very cost effective new kitchen.


We can also supply bedroom cupboard doors as well.  Made in the same way our made to measure bedroom doors can be supplied glazed, or unglazed.  Mid rails for the shaker styles or just frame doors for mirror glass.  A whole range of options in colours, styles finishes.

If you still have questions contact our experts who will be more than happy to discuss the door and drawer options with you.  Have a chat about what you are looking for and letting you now what is available to you, we can even plan and design and show you mock ups of your kitchen with your ideas in 3D.  Talk to the team with no obligation or pressure to purchase, you can be sure we will be able to help you. 

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